Venison vs veal shanks for Osso bucco

Nothing worse than dried out venison...should I braise same as veal or lamb for Osso bucco?

The Thyme Savor


QueenSashy December 27, 2014
you could also add some port, in addition to the wine, it would nicely complement the strong flavors
The T. December 26, 2014
Oh yes, we'll be generous with wine & bacon fat! Appreciate your excellent points. Had to place order online for antelope loins for a catering client & needed 4 xtra lbs to meet min. requirements so thought the venison osso buco would be fun to try for New Years at the beach. Will send results!
aargersi December 26, 2014
The cook will be low and slow, with lots of broth and or wine and or other liquid in the pot, yes? In that case I wouldn't worry about dry venison, though I would be generous with the fat I use to brown it first (and I would likely go duck fat or bacon fat) and because venison is a strongly flavored meat I would use strong flavors throughout, red wine and juniper, rosemary and leeks and shallots, parsnips and fat organic carrots, like that
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