What non-pork product can I substitute for prosciutto in a veal stew?

Need to make a veal stew for someone who cannot eat pork, and need something that will infuse a rich flavor.

Anne Bodel


Nancy January 7, 2015
If you want the salty cured taste of prosviutto, go for a quality aged cured beef product under pastrami or other names.

And yes, Pierre Franey taught many of us how to cook the French way and he has great recipes!
amysarah January 6, 2015
Many veal stews don't use prosciutto. Especially French ones - Blanquette de Veau, for instance - here's Daniel Boloud's version: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/blanquette-de-veau. Or Veal Marengo - here's the inimitable Pierre Franey's recipe (WHY is he rarely mentioned anymore?): http://www.pierrefraney.com/recipes/beef_veal_and_lamb/veal_marengo.html. Also, many others. Prosciutto/pork isn't a default ingredient for a lovely veal stew.
hardlikearmour January 6, 2015
Anchovy paste or soy sauce instead of salt or Parmesan rind in the broth could all work well.
pierino January 6, 2015
Or two or three anchovy filets (use good ones)
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