subpar butternut squash this year - how to ameliorate?

Since Food52ers really do know all, I thought I'd through this out there. For whatever reason this year in Southern Ontario, I've gotten a lot of very uninspiring butternuts. I do what I've always done with them (roast in olive oil usually) and the pieces *look* fine, but they have little taste and no umph. What's up? And how can I (can I?) try to make this year's crop a little more enticing, even if it's subpar? Thanks everyone!!

  • Posted by: tammany
  • January 7, 2015


tammany January 7, 2015
Thanks to all of you!
Stephanie January 7, 2015
How about adding a different variety in there to perk up the squash-y flavor...maybe acorn or kabocha? And I totally agree with em-i-lis about getting creative with herbs/spices to boost the flavor.
drbabs January 7, 2015
I love this soup, and there are so many flavors that marry well together that I think it would be fine with sub par squash:
em-i-lis January 7, 2015
Interestingly, this recipe is remarkably similar(!) to Molly W's.

But tammany, I agree. Ultimately, there is only so much you can do w/ subpar stuff. Sigh!
em-i-lis January 7, 2015
I would add a fair amount of zippy chopped herbs along with the olive oil before roasting (allspice and cardamom are nice with butternut squash, for ex) to enhance whatever flavor is there and/or consider tossing the roasted cubes with some sort of yogurt-tahini sauce to enhance and also cover. Both Yotam Ottolenghi and Molly Wizenberg have great recipes for b'nut squash with yogurt sauce.
tammany January 7, 2015
Excellent suggestions - esp the herbs. Interestingly one of the moments when I was most disappointed in my squash was when I made that Ottolenghi onion/squash tahini recipe. I love it and last winter I made it all the time. But this winter, the squash just isn't great. Or is it me??!!!
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