Is it ok to substitute honey for molasses in a bread sponge recipe?

The recipe asks for honey as part of the starter dough (sponge). I don't have that at home, but I do have a stupid amount of molasses that needs to be used. Is it ok to change one thing for another? Do I use the same quantity or do I have to add more/less? Thanks for the help!

  • Posted by: Anna
  • January 8, 2015


minibakersupreme January 8, 2015
Anna, I've definitely done this before with good results. Regine has a good point, and as JessicaBakes says, the flavor will be different. I think you should be ok. Another good place to ask about this subject would be the Fresh Loaf message board.
JessicaBakes January 8, 2015
As a note, brown sugar is actually just regular sugar with molasses added back in. So, to get that molasses-y taste, you might want to use brown sugar instead of regular sugar in that recipe so you get some of that flavor.
Regine January 8, 2015
Molasses has less sugar than honey. An online search shows for 100 grams that molasses has 55 grams of sugar while honey has 82. Sugar provides food for yeast. However, says that both can be interchanged equally in bread dough.
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