Chicken marinade

I marinaded some chicken yeaterday morning but something came up and I couldn't cook it last night so I took it out of the marinade and put the chicken and the marinade back in the fridge seperately. Can I use the marinade as a sauce if I boil and reduce it or was it ruined because it sat in the fridge?



CanadaDan January 8, 2015
Thanks that's what I thought. Delicious.
Susan W. January 8, 2015
Sitting in the fridge is exactly where the marinade should be kept. If it sat out at room temperature for two hours, I'd say toss it because that is what would give the bacteria from the raw chicken a chance to multiply. Just be sure you bring the marinade to a rolling boil. All of that info is directly from the Department of Agriculture. Be careful about reducing the marinade too could get very salty depending on the ingredients.
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