Pork butt in crock pot accidentally on high for 3 hours. How many more hours on low would you suggest?

It's been on low for the past two hours and I don't have a working meat thermometer.

  • Posted by: Meg
  • January 12, 2015


sexyLAMBCHOPx January 12, 2015
It should be done with 3 hours on high.
Susan W. January 12, 2015
I think Dave On The grill is the one who said 185f is usually when pork becomes pulled pork tender. Maybe take its temp and also see how it feels and looks like halfpint suggested.
Susan W. January 12, 2015
Oops...just noticed you have no working thermometer.
HalfPint January 12, 2015
I would pierce the meat with a fork to test the tenderness of the meat. If the meat flakes or pulls apart easily, it is done and you can stop cooking. If the meat is still a tough, keep cooking on low until it is tender but still moist. The worse thing that can happen is that the meat will overcook and be dry and stringy. Because slow cookers behave differently, even among the same models, there isn't an exact time or temperature to use when cooking anything. You have to watch and make sure that the food doesn't overcook. If your slow cooker runs hot, I would think that the pork butt is safely cooked by now and hopefully not dried out.
Meg January 12, 2015
Thanks that helps - I didn't think of checking it! :)
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