Is there a way to cook pork neck that takes less than an hour?

I picked u two packages by mistake because I misread the label on the shelf, but I don't want to waste it. No I don't have a crock pot. I'm a 21 year old college student so I doon't have time to spend three hours cooking something.

  • Posted by: dave
  • January 28, 2017


PieceOfLayerCake January 30, 2017
I'm curious to why you don't have three hours to wait for something to cook.
pierino January 29, 2017
I would roast the bones in a 350F oven for about an hour. You will need a good roasting pan. Let the neck pieces rest on a bed of cut up carrots and add 1 cup of water at the beginning. You might need to add more as the fat renders off. Separate fat from liquid. Pork fat has numerous uses and you can begin a soup or broth from bones and meat. Don't forget salt.
Susan W. January 29, 2017
I've only cooked pork neck low and slow, but it occurred to me you might love an Instant Pot in your life. It's an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and has a salute/brown function. I've only had mine for 5 days and love it.
foofaraw January 29, 2017
I never tried, but my first thought would be to use pressure cooker. Some google searches yield:
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