I'm making a birthday cake for my husband - he likes vanilla more than chocolate .... any recommendations?

Haley Sonneland


Bevi January 27, 2015
I swear by Sara Moulton's yellow cake - which can also be made as a white cake batter by using only egg whites: https://livelovelaughlearn.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/classic-white-cake/
Use whole milk in the recipe.
Nancy January 27, 2015
Perfect homemade yellow cake at chef com. Funny story - I used to offer to make the cake when I was invited to birthdays dinners. Everyone asked for chocolate and I had a handful of great recipes. Then one friend asked for a white or vanilla cake, I was stumped, and had to quickly consult a cousin who was a heat baker for a good recipe. Made yellow cake with a classic buttercream frosting and saved the day.
gt9 January 26, 2015
How about a tres leches cake? My non -chocolate lover, non dessert lover fell in love with tres leeches cake
creamtea January 26, 2015
Sdebrango's Tender Yellow Cake is lovely. Makes a good base for Boston Cream Pie or spread with a whipped cream or vanilla buttercream frosting.
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