Glaze for a Cake -Without Powdered Sugar???

I'm making a chocolate bundt cake with a coconut filling and would like to make either a vanilla or coconut glaze. The cake is way too rich for a boiled frosting, but I really don't like powdered sugar. Other ideas are most welcome.



leigh F. September 26, 2019
Can you add a little maple syrup to the glaze?
Diana B. March 31, 2014
I'm not sure which recipe you mean, mickle, but there's a link in both Merrill's and June's replies.
mickle March 31, 2014
Could you post a link to the recipe as it sounds delicious.
ATG117 March 30, 2014
melted chocolate or a ganache frosting
Diana B. March 30, 2014
So it's essentially a simple syrup with whatever flavorings you want? Very simple and infinitely adaptable!
ChefJune March 30, 2014
I like to do a glaze this way on pound/bundt cakes. It's basically the same method as in the link above, but you poke holes in the hot cake and pour the warm glaze over. Then follow the rest of the glaze directions here:
Melusine March 30, 2014
This is perfect -- thank you!
Merrill S. March 30, 2014
This might help:
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