In browsing the fridge last night, I discovered three unpeeled hard-boiled eggs that I believe have been there about three weeks. I recall boiling them and refrigerating them in fairly short order when I decided not to cook something that called for them. At this point -- keep and use them, or toss them?

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • December 27, 2010


Kayb December 27, 2010
Thanks, friends. That confirms what I thought. Out they go!
SpecialSka December 27, 2010
Timely post:
usuba D. December 27, 2010
Toss them. Once you cook the egg you have destroyed the inner membrane allowing bacteria to get in through the porous shell.
SpecialSka December 27, 2010
Eggs usually have a way of letting you know they're no good. I figure that 3 weeks in the the fridge has not improved them, even if they are still safe to eat, so I'd toss 'em and start over.
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