Substitute liquid glucose for corn syrup?

Does anyone know if you can substitute liquid glucose in place of corn syrup? Here in the UK it's hard to get hold of corn syrup. Are they basically the same thing?



ChefJune January 29, 2015
In US they are not the same thing, although both are made of pure corn syrup. I think in UK that is what you'd use. My daughter is a pastry chef in Scotland. I can ask her tonight and get back to you.
Liza's K. January 29, 2015
Liquid glucose contains 15-19% water and is an invert sugar. it is manufactured in syrup form in varying concentrations. Glucose with suitable concentration for baking is thicker than corn syrup.

Corn Syrup contains 24% water and is made from glucose with fructose added to prevent crystallization. The major difference between glucose and corn syrup is the water content. If some of the water in the corn syrup is evaporated it can be used interchangeably. Or, in your case, just add the right proportion of water to the liquid glucose.
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