Golden Syrup or treacle - can you substitute it for dark corn syrup in a pecan pie?

A friend in the U.K. would like to try making pecan pie, but doesn't think she can find dark corn syrup there. Is it possible to substitute Lyle's Golden Syrup or treacle (or something else I haven't thought of) for the dark corn syrup? And is there anything else she might add to get the taste to be more similar to traditional pecan pie if she does use one of these?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • November 28, 2013


Diana B. November 29, 2013
Thank you for the addendum, June; I was actually thinking that pecans might not be the right thing for a maple syrup pie, but didn't quite know where to go from there.
ChefJune November 29, 2013
Maple syrup -- although one of my favorite flavors -- lends a very mapley flavor to the pie. I prefer it with walnuts. Pecans are a southern product, and Maple is very northern..... just a thought.
Diana B. November 29, 2013
Oooh, maple syrup - I never even considered that! Perhaps for Christmas dinner...

petitbleu November 29, 2013
Sure. Pecan pie is pretty flexible. Molasses, sorghum, maple syrup, golden syrup, and agave will all work just fine instead of corn syrup.
rt21 November 29, 2013
Treacle is more like molasses , definitely use the golden syrup for pecan pie I do it all the time
Diana B. November 29, 2013
Thank you, June and Peter - very helpful, indeed!
PeterBeynon November 28, 2013
I use only Lyle's for pecan pie--no corn syrup at all. John Lewis Thorne's book The Outlaw Cook has a great essay (with recipes) about pecan pie, maple walnut pie, etc.
ChefJune November 28, 2013
Golden syrup will make a fabulous pecan pie. Corn syrup is WAY overrated, and unhealthy to boot. I use Steen's Cane syrup for my pecan pies. Lyles is very similar to Steen's.
Diana B. November 28, 2013
Thanks, I'll have to ask her if they can get molasses in the U.K. - I always think of it as pretty much an American ingredient.

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Elana C. November 28, 2013
You could try adding molasses with the light treacle syrup.
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