Beating the 'Three O' Clock' slump

This is somewhat in line with Pierino's question about guilty pleasures, but answer me this: Its 3PM in the office, and that familiar drowsiness is slowly creeping on. What tasty treat do you wish would magically appear on your desk to get you going again?

  • Posted by: Jr0717
  • January 31, 2015


Hillary R. February 6, 2015
Wine! Kidding. I always crave espresso and English shortbread cookies. But I usually actually have a coffee and a small chocolate from the communal office candy jar.
Dianaba February 2, 2015
Toasted peanut butter and honey sandwich :)
Bevi February 2, 2015
A small cup of soup gives me a boost, and does not seem to kill my appetite, but curbs it, which for me is a good thing!
creamtea February 2, 2015
Tamari-roasted almonds from Whole Foods. Dried Morello cherries. Or a really good cappuccino.
scruz February 1, 2015
One thing I have started doing is brewing some really good green tea leaves (and I use them many times) for a few minutes and then pour it over ice to make some refreshing iced green tea. I really enjoy it this way, it give me a minor boost that goes away in a couple of hours and does not keep me awake. I can even drink it early evening without it keeping me from sleeping.
Randi February 1, 2015
Chocolate covered almonds (preferably dark chocolate).
luvcookbooks February 1, 2015
Cappuccino and a sfogliatelle!! Guaranteed to get you to 5 pm!
nancy E. February 1, 2015
I was surprised to find that a cup of hot herbal tea took away hunger pains and made me feel better. I was trying to eat less and this tip helped me stay on track.
Pegeen February 1, 2015
A raise! :-)
Stephanie G. February 1, 2015
When I had a desk job, this issue was more related to boredom than hunger.
arcane54 February 1, 2015
Treatwise: hot chocolate, peanut butter on apple slices, a shortbread cookie (see hot chocolate) then a walk and a big glass of water"
arcane54 February 1, 2015
Yes, a walk and a big glass of water!
Pegeen February 1, 2015
I think this is fairly common knowledge about nutrition. Eat a decent breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, an egg, whole grain toast, whole grain cereal, etc.) so that you're not running on empty by lunchtime. If you skip breakfast and eat a big lunch because you're starving, that doesn't help. Over-eating at lunch only slows you down more because now your blood is rushing to your digestive tract to process big quantities of food. Guaranteed to make you tired around 3pm.

If you ate some breakfast and lunch, and still feel an afternoon slump, try a protein-based snack like hummus with carrots or other veggies, a couple spoonfuls of tofu or other protein-based takeout from last night. And a 5-minute walk in fresh air and daylight.
Jr0717 February 1, 2015
I totally agree with you, Pegeen.

When I asked, however, I was going more for what splurge-y treats individuals wish would appear. More of a reward for knocking off a detailed report in no time for your impatient boss - those types of goodies!

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