Old, stale questions that need to be tossed out

On the first page of Hotline questions, there are seven questions (more than 33%) that are over three years old and one more than 10 months old. To those of you answering these ancient history questions: the original question has either been answered or it's too late to help. And the old questions clutter up this page. And to the editors: PLEASE disable the reply mode on these old questions.

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • September 26, 2017


PHIL October 3, 2017
I always laugh when I see the Anthony Bourdain garlic press question resurface.
PieceOfLayerCake October 2, 2017
I think that if you google a specific topic, Food52 questions will appear on the search...its happened to me before. I've always assumed that's how someone answers the questions without realizing how old they are.
Nancy October 3, 2017
And the answers or discussion are (still) useful to someone now, even if the original post started years ago.
Pam January 5, 2020
Exactly. I just answered a nine-year-old question!
BerryBaby October 2, 2017
If they can't be removed, start new threads with a simple title. It will be the first to pop up so maybe people will respond to it. Plus, any information (replies) given will be current. Just a thought. BB☂️
Maedl September 26, 2017
Thanks for answering, Lindsay Jean. It's too bad something can't be done to limit the questions, but at least now we know it isn't possible.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 26, 2017
Hi Margie - thank you again for the suggestion, as noted, it has been passed shared with our product team. Currently, we don't have the ability to sunset older discussions or disable the ability to answer questions. I understand that it's aggravating to have older questions taking over the first page of the Hotline! We appreciate your patience as new features take time to be considered and built.
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