How are Best Answers determined?

  • Posted by: mickle
  • February 8, 2015


TobiT February 9, 2015
In case of a tie, it appears that the most recent answer gets the Best designation. So if the answer I posted yesterday got 2 "I Agrees" and the answer you posted this morning also got 2 "I Agrees," yours will get Best Answer. That is, until the answer someone posts this afternoon gets 2 "I Agrees." Or until a third person agrees with my answer from yesterday.
Kristen W. February 9, 2015
But I've noticed that sometimes more than one answer will have the same number of "I Agree" responses, and yet only one of them will be tagged as Best Answer. I have been mildly curious about this in passing myself.
cookinginvictoria February 8, 2015
I believe that it is calculated based on which answers to Hotline questions get the most "I Agree" responses from Food52 users.
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