what can i sub for cognac from my liquor cabinet?

  • Posted by: Karen
  • February 14, 2015


Karen February 16, 2015
Hi - thank you for your answers - this was for the Broccoli/Parmesan soup recipe and I made it previously with Dalwhinnie scotch - too strong. In the end I deglazed with Ste.Germaine and it was really good. I will have to stock up on cognac or brandy as I had neither. Thanks!!
Lisa February 15, 2015
Depends on what you are cooking or making. If it's in eggnog? Brandy or bourbon or rum. Deglazing? Brandy or fortified wine (vermouth etc)
Nancy February 15, 2015
Agree with Lisa. Also, if baking or dessert sauce & need an amt, vanilla or other extract. Or any liquor whose flavor you like. If savory, avoid sugary liqueur. If you want to avoid alcohol, options include water, bouillon, vinegar - depending on the dish.
ChefJune February 15, 2015
What is the recipe? What else do you have in your liquor cabinet? Cognac is a French grape brandy. Generally you could sub any other brandy. I rarely cook with Cognac as it's quite pricy. Good old E&J brandy has good flavor at a fraction of the price.
Pegeen February 14, 2015
For what use? Quantity?
Nancy February 14, 2015
For what use(s)?
mstv February 14, 2015

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