Is nutmeg a good substitute for cloves?

In a Pho soup for example.

Genevieve LR


Nancy March 2, 2015
How much clove in the recipe? if small amount, just omit (and maybe boost other seasonings, if needed after you taste). Also, why are you wanting substitute - don't like, don't have, just want a change from cloves? clove is stronger and sharper tHan nutmeg. Possible substitutes (not identical but interesting) are star anise & sxechuan pepper, in the Asian pantry, tea Masala, ras el hanout or Hawaiij (complex warm & peppery blends from India, north africa & Yemen).
ChefJune March 2, 2015
No it's a completely different flavor. That doesn't mean you can't use it instead, but it certainly won't taste the same at all.
Genevieve L. March 2, 2015
Thanks! Do you know any website with information for good spice substitutes? The one I found was not on point it seems!
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