It's snowing in NYC!!!! and I'm thinking of making the Viet Hapa Pho soup tomorrow. The recipe says "beef bones". Is this bone in short ribs?

For the Viet Hapa Pho soup, the recipe calls for beef bones. Do I ask the butcher for this or does she mean "bone in short ribs"? Also, oxtails - on the bone? Thanks!!!!

  • Posted by: ubs2007
  • February 8, 2013


WileyP February 8, 2013
Right - A byproduct of butchering is tons of bones! When we butcher a steer, we end up with probably 10% of the weight in bones. The butcher will probably sell 'em as "soup bones" and they should be pretty inexpensive. Again, those from the more flavorful cuts and/or with marrow make the most full bodied and luxurious broth.
pierino February 9, 2013
Indeed meat on the bone just adds so much flavor and unctuous goodness that it's a sin to waste them. The marrow the colagens in there etc. I can (and have done) design a whole meal around bone marrow. Wonderful cold weather food. I suspect you won't be going out to Fairway tonigh.
ubs2007 February 8, 2013
Thanks so much! So...just bones? I guess this is something a butcher would keep in his back bar, right? I've never seen just bones for sale at the grocery store (Whole Foods or Fairway).
WileyP February 8, 2013
Having not read that particular recipe, I assume you are trying to create or enhance a beef-based broth, so pretty much any beef bones will help. That being said, If the option is available, use bones with marrow or bones from particularly tastey portions of the beef, like bones from chuck roasts or arm roasts, prime rib bones, etc.
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