Eggplant parmigiana, skin on or off?

I am making eggplant parmigiana today and am trying to decide whether I should leave the skin on. I've never left it on and am afraid it may leave a bitter taste or become chewy. Any thoughts/advice? Thanks!



Burgonies June 10, 2021
God put the skin on eggplants when they left the garden of eden for the original sin of being naughty shaped. You should leave the skin on as respect for that.
Nick F. July 12, 2019
Cant believe anyone would even ask this. Of course you peel it off. Its quick and easy to do so and you can enjoy delicious eggplant parm without feeling like there is plastic inside your meal. The skin is nasty, its not like the skin of zucchini which is ok, it has the consistency of tape or plastic. Super no brainer
Karin March 10, 2015
I am probably the only weird person to go half/half.

I peel equally spaced strips off lengthwise, leaving half the skin on. Then when you slice the eggplant the other way, the edge has a pretty pattern, and the skin isn't chewy because it is in small pieces instead of one long strip around the slice.

I figure this way I get the best of both worlds.... some of the taste and (most likely the) extra vitamins that peeling removes, plus it looks good and isn't chewy.
Tasha March 8, 2015
I've never taken the skin off. Have yet to taste bitterness. Maybe try both ways (half and half) so you can make your own choice
scruz March 8, 2015
look at the video by gianni's north beach on youtube. it is the best recipe and i have made it 3x in past month. it is so light and delicate. amazing how little cheese and sauce he uses. that is what made mine so heavy. his is like a cloud.
ChezHenry March 8, 2015
I agree with the questioner, peels can be chewy, distracting and bitter. I always peel for this dish, the eggplant flavor will be far more delicate. I grew up in an Italian household, our entire family peels it.
ChefJune March 8, 2015
Leave skins on. I rarely skin an eggplant.

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Tasha March 8, 2015
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