i am interested in international culinary center in nyc pastry program icc grads and student help!

i am interested in international culinary center in nyc pastry program, but then i got confused about the cake techniques and design program. so my question is shouldn't the pastry program student be able to do all what is taught in the cake techniques and design program

taibat bello


Kristin M. March 27, 2015
Hi, Taibat Bello. I suggest visiting the school when you have the chance. If you meet with one of the admission advisors they can put you in touch with a graduate of one or both of the programs.
ChefJune March 17, 2015
The best way to get the information you're seeking is to contact Jacques Torres, the Dean of Pastry Arts at ICC with your questions. He is accessible and you will be getting straight answers - rather than hear-say. There's a lot of good information here: http://www.internationalculinarycenter.com/courses/professional-pastry-arts/
taibat B. March 17, 2015
thanks for responding, i wanted to get my answers from people who have passed through it, but i didn't know the dean was accessible or how to get in contact with him. the information the the webpage i had seen but didnt realy answer my questions
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