Stretch and Fold technique for Puff Pastry?

Fellow Bread bakers- Is there any reason why I shouldnt try the stretch and fold technique to start some puff pastry? Any theories as to how it would affect the final outcome? I know typically its used for high hydration doughs, but I dont have access to my kitchenaid at the moment. I dont want to waste all that butter either!

Jennifer W


AntoniaJames July 16, 2021
Puff pastry doesn't stretch, and shouldn't really, at any point. If you can stretch it, that means the gluten has kicked in. One generally doesn't want that to happen. Gluten is wonderful for bread, but the stretchiness that make bread so glorious makes pastry dough tough and rather unpleasant.

That said, you should be able to make puff pastry without a stand mixer. After all, pastry chefs have done so for centuries.

Here's a recipe with good instructions that specifically says that no stand mixer is required

And here's one for rough puff pastry that also does not require a stand mixer

I hope this helps. ;o)
Jennifer W. July 17, 2021
Oooh ok. I assumed puff pastry was the same as laminated dough for croissants! That article cleared it up, thanks!
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