Regarding the current 5-ingredient contest, does the count include things like cooking oils and seasonings?

weekend at bearnaise


Kenzi W. March 19, 2015
Cooking oils count! We discussed this, and since there are so many kinds of fats and oils a recipe can require, we thought it best to include them. Hopefully that adds to the challenge in a fun way!
LeBec F. March 20, 2015
kenzi, on the linked comments, Panfusine asked
"Do spice blends count as a single ingredient?"
And I ask- is each spice counted as one ingredient? thx much.
weekend A. March 19, 2015
The more I think about it, the more wonder why oil/fat is not considered a freebie. Seems like a staple rather than an ingredient, unless I'm interpreting this wrong. Not a huge deal, but...if my five-ingredient recipe calls for sauteed spinach, is that REALLY two ingredients? Guess I could just sub frozen, but...LOL
inpatskitchen March 19, 2015
I was told that salt, pepper and water are freebies. See the comments on this article:
weekend A. March 19, 2015
Duh...I should have checked there first! Thanks for your answer and happy cooking.
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