Can I season a cast-iron pan with coconut oil?

I've been seasoning my cast iron pan with olive oil before but I ran out. Is it okay to season a cast-iron skillet with coconut oil? How about other oils? Like grapeseed, canola, butter maybe? I use my pan frequently so I'm not super scared of spoilage.

Karen Diep


cratecooking November 27, 2013
All sound like great options but would steer away from the butter. It can go rancid if it's left on the skillet for a period of time, and also burn at a fairly low temperature compared to the smoking points of the other oils.
Maedl November 27, 2013
I use coconut oil to keep wooden spoons in good shape--works well!
spiffypaws November 26, 2013
Cook's Illustrated rec flax seed oil. I tried it on one of my cast iron skillets and it seemed to work really well.
Catherine L. November 26, 2013
Yes! You definitely can, and coconut oil is also great for cast-iron skillets because it can reach much higher temperatures than animal fats can.
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