favorite recipe (sales/pastas) using a jar of Italian Tuna (no tomato based sauces) thanks?

BTW it is from Italy packed in oil



Bevi March 23, 2015
First Night in Florence, hands down.
Healthline March 23, 2015
Here's a new take on the classic Tuna Salad. Added chickpeas and apple make it a refreshing alternative to the typical mayo-heavy variety: http://www.healthline.com/health-recipes/tuna-salad
Stephanie March 23, 2015
My quick and easy go-to (which also works very well with smoked, wild Alaskan, canned salmon) is linguine with a lemon butter sauce (1 lemon per 1-2 tbsp. butter) and chives, topped with a bit of parm if you like.
Kristen W. March 23, 2015
I love a good riff on a salad nicoise. Lots of good recipes on the internet.
luvcookbooks March 21, 2015
Madhut Jaffrey has a lovely tuna curry in one of her Quick Indian cookbooks. Weeknight meal.
HalfPint March 21, 2015
Make a curried tuna sauce for pasta. This is a recipe from a Silician chef. Melt a stick of unsalted butter. Add red chile flakes and a generous spoon of mild curry powder. Cook on med heat for about a minute. Add tuna with the oil. Break up tuna with a fork. Remove from heat and add hot cooked long pasta. Toss well and serve immediately.
boulangere March 20, 2015
Well, I would have suggested First Night in Florence Spaghetti https://food52.com/recipes/14030-first-night-in-florence-spaghetti but @inpatskitchen kindly beat me to it
Jackie D. March 20, 2015
i just made today a baked lasagna with tuna, besciamella, stir fryed onion and lots of grated parmesan cheese. no tomato sauce, simply delicious.
carlito March 20, 2015
There is a deli near my house that serves an italian tuna salad with black olives, cucumber & preserved lemon - with crispy focaccia. Yum!
Nancy March 20, 2015
Giardinara, an Italian pickle, that can be mild or hot. Sometimes made with tuna, or tuna later mixed in. use it to top sandwiches, as a cold pasta sauce, as an anripasto. Many recipes available from chefs, restaurants, home cooks.

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inpatskitchen March 20, 2015
Boulangere's First Night in Florence Spaghetti (although it does have cherry tomatoes)
bamcnamara March 20, 2015
oops typo...salads
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