Does anyone have a favorite recipe for chocolate truffles?



keg72 March 22, 2015
I asked the same question last month:
JulieS March 22, 2015
The wonderful thing about truffles is you can totally make them your own so easily. After you find the base recipe you like (a lot of suggestions above), you can play with the flavors. Simply infuse the cream (while it's hot) with whatever your imagination will take you. Like Lavender? Try infusing the cream with a few tablespoons of dried culinary lavendar. Tea lover? Try earl grey, matcha or lapsang souchong. Chili's, ginger...the possibilities are endless! Just try to remember to match the flavor you're infusing to the percentage of chocolate so that the flavor is complimented and can shine through!
BakerRB March 22, 2015
My favorite is from Nick Malgieri. The ingredients are standard, but he cools the mixture for a couple hours then whips it prior to forming balls. I really like the texture that gives. I find it easier to work with too. His website has a "Swiss" truffle recipe, which isn't whipped, but I found a link that matches Malgieri's chocolate cookbook. (The link may say cookinglight, but it's a standard recipe.)
LeBec F. March 22, 2015
my go-to is equal parts heavy cream and dark chocolate. Then the fun begins: add chopped nuts, almond or other extract, powdered espresso (best added to a liquid, like the heavy cream), dried fruits, green tea powder, liquers, etc etc. Many 52 recipes if you do a search under Recipes. Easiest to form the truffles if you freeze the ganache(the truffle base) first.
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