Looking for some great chocolate truffle recipes

I've read a ton of chocolate truffle recipes (and the associated reviews) on both this website and others, but none of them have really stood out to me -- or the ones that have stood out seem to have very mixed reviews. Ideally, I am looking for traditional truffle recipes involving chocolate and cream (and whatever additional flavoring ingredients). I'd love to be able to serve an assortment at a Valentine's Day dinner I'm hosting. And just because of certain personal preferences of those involved in the dinner, I'd like to stay away from spicy truffles as well as those involving coconut products. If anyone has favorite recipes they're able to share, I'd really appreciate it!!

  • Posted by: keg72
  • February 10, 2015


mickle February 10, 2015
The regular chocolate--she uses both semisweet and bittersweet, etc.
mickle February 10, 2015
Ina Garten's are traditional, easy to make, and delicious.
mickle February 10, 2015
Ina Garten's are traditional, easy, and delicious.
keg72 February 10, 2015
Are you referring to the white chocolate ones or the "regular" chocolate ones? Thanks!
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