Cooking Class Recommendations in Tuscany/Florence/Rome

I know this question was asked a few times years ago, but I'm interested in taking a cooking class in Tuscany, Florence, or Rome. I will be traveling to Italy for 16 days in May of 2020. I would like to take at least one and maybe two cooking courses.

I'm interested in learning how to make pastas and pizzas as well as some traditional dishes based on the region. I grow my own San Marzano tomatoes which I use to make my own pasta dishes at home (things like Bucatini all'Amatriciana). I also make my own sourdough bread using the Tartine method. Point being, I'm an intermediate to advanced home cook and I'm not new to Italian cooking. I'd prefer something serious. I'm doing this to learn; not stand around and drink wine. I don't want a course that lasts longer than a day.

My learning objectives would be to learn the traditional methods of a few dishes so I can take that knowledge with me and make better homemade pizzas, pastas, and other dishes. I'm open to advice here, so if there is something I should consider that I am not or there is an amazing course that isn't focused on pasta/pizza please let me know!

Any recommendations?



Nancy September 4, 2019
A few ideas.
Write to Emiko (a member here who lives in Italy) for ideas or sources.
Look for some unusual classes via Florence tourist sites. Some on farms just outside the city combine going to market/the field and cooking with your haul afterwards.
If Faith Willinger (an American transplant writer, cooking teacher and food tour guide who's lived many years in Italy and the Florence area) is still teaching, look at some of her courses.
HalfPint September 2, 2019
I took a cooking class here, while on my honeymoon:

Small class size (8 at most) and some hands-on participation. Not all pasta and pizza. Ours was dinner/cooking class. I learn the Tuscan turkey roulade that I adapted for F52. We also made an apple cake that was fantastic. I still have the recipe book and apron from that class.
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