Dinner Party Cookbook

Any recommendations for books about entertaining for 10+? I don't want to have to think about scaling, though obviously I know you can.

  • Posted by: EG1231
  • April 13, 2015


klrcon April 22, 2015
I'd like to second the recommendation for Ina Garten, whose recipes are reliable and doable. My personal favorite books for entertaining though are the old Rozanne Gold Recipe 1-2-3 books and her newest which is called something like Radical Simplicity. She's got a very elegant touch with simple recipes that include only 3 ingredients, which makes them very doable and easily scalable. My usual procedure is to concentrate on the main and a nice dessert (usually a do-ahead) and then use her books for the sides and appetizers. Because they're so simple in approach you can turn out an awful lot of nice food with a minimum of time and effort. Many of my most requested recipes are from her books.
Good luck!
ChefJune April 21, 2015
Anything by Denise Vivaldo is going to be spot on. (Disclaimer - she's a dear friend.) All the young women of my generation used the book "Thoughts for Buffets." I know it's out of print, but if you can find one at a garage sale, grab it for sure. There are loads of great entertaining tips that are still applicable.
Francesca April 21, 2015
One of my favorite cookbooks is Thug Kitchen. It is very edgy, but has some really neat ideas that taste awesome. If you can get past the swear words.
luvcookbooks April 14, 2015
True that Martha Stewart is not always reliable. Can be inspiring, tho. Lee Bailey's Entertaining cookbooks provide complete, beautiful menus as well.
Greenstuff April 14, 2015
My suggestions won't necessarily meet your needs, as some of the parties are for fewer people. But if your goal is for whole menus, Simple Soirées by Peggy Knickerbocker does a good job. I also like the two Julia Child options, Julia Child & Company and Julia Child & More Company.
nutcakes April 14, 2015
Sunday Suppers at Lucques might work if you double or triple some of the recipes. It is written around a dinner menu. These recipes are often involved workwise or ingredient wise but really good.

I have a book I like called Do It For Less: Parties by Denise Vivaldo in that they have quantities for 12, 25, 50 and 75 for every recipe. These are simple menus that do sound a little underwhelming sometimes but come out very nice. It is easy to figure out how to jazz it up a bit if needed. And sometimes I just use it for guidelines for quantities on individual dishes that I might tweek. I did the Luau one with Honey Soy ribs, a Luau chicken with an incredible (easy, just dump everything in a pot) sweet and tangy sauce everyone raved over. pineapple rice salad, and coconut shrimp (the crowd went wild) So good. Available on Amazon.
Bevi April 14, 2015
I too own Do It for Less and can vouch for the book. And this book helps you scale up your own recipes with a little creativity and math.
Nancy April 14, 2015
In addition to SP & Martha Stewart, you can find entertaining books from Ina Garten, America's test kitchen, Nigella Lawson. See also Dummies for dinner parties, thanksgiving & Christmas cookbooks, ethnic cookbooks with "feast" or "holiday".somewhere in the title, roasting & BBQ books. All are geared to large meals. Depends on seasonality you want, favored ingredients, your skills and interest. Start with one, then master more.
luvcookbooks April 14, 2015
Martha Stewart's entertaining and Wedding books, also Hors D'oeuvre book, all intended for home caterers. Haven't looked at them in a long time, but assume they feed lots. Beautiful pics.
ChefJune April 14, 2015
Beautiful photos, but many recipes that don't work. Be careful with them.
TobiT April 14, 2015
I think the Silver Palate cookbook is geared toward entertaining, including larger groups. I suspect most recipes are for the 6-8 person range, though I don't have the book in front of me. But all the recipes I've tried are easily scalable - and I'm not a math person. The thing I like about SP for entertaining though ins that it's all very kind to the host/hostess- lets you prepare but lets you in in the party too.
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