Can Marcella Hazan's famous Tomato Sauce be frozen?

I'm smitten by the recipe and would like to make it in bulk (it would be a better deal than store-bought sauce any time of the day). Can it be frozen? And if it can, for how long? Thanks for the help!

  • Posted by: Anna
  • April 23, 2015


ChefJune April 24, 2015
I sure hope so! I have a large container of it in there right now! (Actually I know it freezes just fine. I've done it before.)
PieceOfLayerCake April 23, 2015
My grandmother has frozen GALLONS of tomato sauce for 50 years. Every time she makes it, she freezes containers of it and then spends the ensuing months trying to get rid of it. From her family to her pharmacist, everyone gets some sauce. I can imagine, since its generally so acidic, you could probably get a good 6 months out of it.

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Susan W. April 23, 2015
That's exactly what I did. Over the last summer, I stuffed my freezer full of Ziploc baggie of it. I even bought a bunch of fresh Roma tomatoes and made it with them. They both froze beautifully and I love having it on hand to grab.
Susan W. April 23, 2015
Forgot to add, I've had it in my freezer since August and it's still perfect.
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