the recipe calls for white asparagus can I use green asparagus instead?

It is used with crab meat in crepes.

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Pegeen April 24, 2015
Yes, but the white is usually much thicker than the smaller green spears, so you may need more green to get the quantity the recipe calls for.

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Susan W. April 24, 2015
I would. White asparagus is the same as green minus the chlorophyll. White is a little milder, but it's always given me the creeps. They mound dirt up around it so the sunlight can't reach it.
nashama April 24, 2015
Creeps me out, too! Weird ghost asparagus.
Susan W. April 24, 2015
Nashua, yes. My mom grew some just for fun and we all agreed it was just wrong not to see asparagus basking in the sun.
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