Making a Smaller Cake

I am planning to make Molly Yeh's Funfetti cake, but I want to use 6" pans rather than 8".

I am comfortable doing the math to adjust the recipe so that I make less batter, but my question is, should I? Is it better to make the full recipe and then bake off the extra batter as cupcakes (or something)?

Thank you.

  • Posted by: essbee
  • April 25, 2015


PieceOfLayerCake April 25, 2015
Generally, when a baking recipe is in weight measurements (especially grams/ml) dividing and multiplying amounts is usually pretty safe. When its volumetric, it can be a little dicey since leavening doesn't always work well with yield adjustments. That's why I always work with metric when I can...that, and ultimate accuracy. You can always bake off 3 or 4, 6" and freeze the other layers for a special occasion down the road.
essbee April 25, 2015
Thank you so much for this.
rt21 April 25, 2015
Check out the cake ometer web site it will convert any recipe to any pan size
Michelle April 25, 2015
I have found a good reference for this; she generally recommends making the full amount if there are hard to split ingredients like eggs, then doing some math to find out what percentage of batter to pour off (it's all in the depth of the batter!)

I like this reference:
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