wpuld love it if FOOD 52 offered a soft cover book of my choice of my saved recipes. I would be more than happy to pay for it.



liz.lesnick April 29, 2015
Tastebook has tons of recipes from all over the web, including a lot from Food 52--no retyping needed.
Susan W. April 29, 2015
Very awesome. I'll play around with it. Thank you!
liz.lesnick April 29, 2015
You can create this by saving your recipes on Tastebook, then creating a cookbook. http://www.tastebook.com
Shannon April 29, 2015
I would really like it to have the FOOD 52 look. I am not talented in this area. Want it to be nice and do it all on one site.
Susan W. April 29, 2015
This is awesome. I've been wanting to make a cookbook for my daughter. Have you made one? There's no way to import recipes from here or other sites, correct? You just retype them?
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