OK, first of all I won't mention what autocorrect changed the word "Nopales" to...anyhow, on to my question: got some nopales in the CSA this week. I did a little light Internet research on it so I have some ideas for preparation, butI'm wondering if anyone has any tips about this gelatinous goo it apparently exudes when cooked. Does the goo appear regardless of cooking method? Does it just cook off entirely while sautéed or does it dry up and adhere to the nopales? Does heat level affect it's emergence? What is it? It sounds sort of gross, so I thought I'd seek advice before cooking it up. Looking forward to your input.

Kristen W.


Kristen W. May 1, 2015
Thanks. You know, I boiled them and rinsed them and the slime turned out not to be a big deal after all. Honestly though, I can't say I loved the taste -- these were VERY acidic. I don't know if they just happened to be extra-acidic ones or if that's just the way they taste, but even though I typically love acid they just weren't for me. Appreciate the input, though.
Lexie May 1, 2015
Try this: boil them in water. Drain. Boil them a second time, with salt and a piece of onion until they are cooked. Drain them again on a strainerw that has a piece of cloth on it until all the slime is removed. I think it is the best way to do it.
HalfPint April 29, 2015
I usually boil them in water, for a few minutes then drain and rinse until the slime is gone.
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