Food processor - KitchenAid or Cuisinart

Which would you recommend? I have a ninja, but my mom doesn't want one of those. Any pluses or minuses between the two major brands?

  • Posted by: Diana
  • May 1, 2015


magpiebaker May 5, 2015
Both are decent brands. I have a Cuisinart and it definitely gets the job done and feels sturdy. However, I would recommend that you also consider what she'll be using it for, and what size she'll need - I like 9 cups, but they range from 4 up to 13 cups (I think). Look at the attachments that come with it. Some have mini-bowls, dough blades, etc. Then compare the two brands for that specific size.
Early M. May 5, 2015
We love the kitchenaid in our farmhouse kitchen. Here's our post about it!
Garlic F. May 4, 2015
My personal experience is to stick with Cuisinart for food processors and Kitchenaid for stand mixers. I have not had good experiences with small appliances by either brand other than what they are known for
ChefJune May 4, 2015
Both machines are very highly rated and endorsed by well-known personalities. I've always had a personal preference for Cuisinart. My Cuisinart SuperPro is still running like a top after 31 years. When the day comes to replace it, I expect to buy another Cuisinart.
Nancy May 3, 2015
Once, when I was browsing for a new processor in a kitchen equipment store that served both industrial and home cooks, the salesman said both Cuisinart and KA made both products (processor, stand mixer), but that each was strongest in its own specialty...that is, food processor by Cuisinart (RoboCoup to the trade) and stand mixer by Kitchen Aid (Hobart to the trade).
arcane54 May 3, 2015
huh. I didn't know Robot Coupe was made by the same company as Cuisinart. My RobotCoupe has been fathifully humming along since 1984 (+/-) and it was used when I got it!.
ChefJune May 4, 2015
That used to be true, but no longer. KitchenAid is owned by Whirlpool, and Cuisinart by Conair.
HalfPint May 2, 2015
Whichever has the wider feed tube. I have a cuisinart which always performed well, but the size of the feed tube annoys me to no end. I always have to cut food so that it will fit that dang tube.
SCL May 2, 2015
I have Kitchen Aid, too. Wedding gift 14 years ago. Absolutely no complaints. I am a fan, with the Kitchen Aid stand mixer, too, with the pasta attachment.
Sweets May 2, 2015
I have a kitchenaid one that I received as a gift 5 years ago and it's still going strong. I use it about 2x a week.
Susan W. May 2, 2015
I'm not at all familiar with Kitchen Aid food processors, but I have had multiple Cuisinarts since the mid seventies. I love them. Nothing has ever gone wrong with them. Definitely a work horse in my kitchen.
CanadaDan May 2, 2015
Cuisinarts are the gold standard imho my mother has had hers for 20+ years and it works perfectly. I've had mine for 3 and it's amazingly efficient. Totally worth any added cost over the kitchen aid I think.
Catherine May 2, 2015
I've had a Kitchen Aid chef's chopper (a small processor) and a Cuisinart 9 cup. The Kitchen Aid broke in under a year, was replaced for free by the company, then the replacement broke in under a year (making bread crumbs, so nothing crazy). The Cuisinart is less than a year old, but it seems really sturdy to me.
drshakyhands May 2, 2015
I can't comment on either brand (still using my Mom's Oscar from the 80s) but Amazon is having a big sale on KitchenAid stuff for Mother's Day today only (5/2/2015). Just thought I would pass it along.
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