Salt/pepper mill recommendations

My mom has asked for salt and pepper mills for her birthday. She is particular about ones that grind smoothly, and doesn’t want ones with a lid. Does anyone have budget-friendly recommendations?

  • Posted by: Diana
  • December 3, 2018


BerryBaby December 4, 2018
I have Peugeot as well. Mine were $75 however they are the larger size and bought at a kitchen specialty store. Since buying them years ago, I have seen them at store like TJ Maxx and Marshall's at very reasonable prices. Especially this time of year they carry many great kitchen items. Good luck! BB🎄
Diana December 4, 2018
TJ Maxx and Marshall’s is a good call. Thanks!
Nancy December 3, 2018
For durability and a variety of styles (classic and contemporary), Peugot.
For same, Cole and Mason. I was about 2/3 way through a 25 year guarantee on a Cole and Mason salt grinder, when It started having trouble grinding. They replaced it with no question and added a pepper grinder.
If budget doesn't allow both at under $50, buy the two mills separately, one each year, but get a brand with high consumer ratings and/or warranties.
PS, in this context, what means "without a lid"?
Diana December 4, 2018
My sister got her a set last year that have a cover on each mill, which my mother does not like. I suggested she just leave it off but (shrug)
702551 December 3, 2018
I have two pairs of Peugeot salt/pepper mills, one pair is a little over twenty years old, the other pair probably closer to thirty years old.

Everyone's idea of "budget friendly" is different. Are the Peugeot ones in your range? No one here can answer that for you since you don't specify a dollar amount.

That said, in terms of total cost of ownership, my Peugeot mills are relatively inexpensive. Will they last a lifetime? Mine will probably outlive me, the pepper grinding mechanism shows no outward signs of wear.

For sure the design is classic.

Best of luck with your purchase decision.
Diana December 3, 2018
You’re right about budget-friendly being vague. I’d like to be under $50, but am unsure what That’ll get me. Which Peugeot model do you have?
702551 December 3, 2018
My two Peugeot pairs are the smallest tabletop ones, the classic size. These days, they might be described as "restaurant" size. I dunno.

In any case, their products are excellent. If you can do it, I highly recommend the Peugeot products.
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