Hi - what's the best dutch-process cocoa? Droste? Valrhona? Any other suggestions?

I made Francois Payard's flourless chocolate walnut recipe and it was delicious, but I've run out of cocoa and want to replace with the best possible ingredient. Thanks for your help!

  • Posted by: Karen
  • May 5, 2015


ChefJune May 6, 2015
I use Droste's when I need Dutch process cocoa. However I normally use Valrhona cocoa for my brownies - and it is NOT Dutch process. so if you need Dutch process, I'd go with Droste.
Karen May 6, 2015
Yes! Droste once again - many thanks.
Susan W. May 6, 2015
I have a brownie recipe that I've made for over 30 years. Dora insisted we use Drostes so I always have. It makes the perfect brownie.
Karen May 6, 2015
Droste keeps coming up as the go-to Dutch process cocoa - thanks. I should know - my mom's been using it exclusively for years come to think of it.
Susan W. May 6, 2015
Mom knows best. :)
jamcook May 6, 2015
King Arthur actually has several kinds of cocoas, and they show them clearly, and describe them very well.
keg72 May 6, 2015
This is the one that I referred to as all-purpose. When I've spoken to the salespeople at the KA store in VT, they've said that this one is good for everything (as the description indicates): http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/triple-cocoa-blend-16-oz
Karen May 6, 2015
Thanks Jamcook and keg72
keg72 May 5, 2015
I use the King Arthur all-purpose cocoa for everything.
Karen May 5, 2015
jamcook May 5, 2015
I have tried many premium brands , but have had the best results with "Double Dutch Dark Cocoa" from the King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue. It is 12.95 a pound, and makes beautiful, flavorful, dark chocolate cakes .
Karen May 5, 2015
Sounds great, will give it a try, thank you.
PieceOfLayerCake May 5, 2015
I'm a callebaut kinda guy....we use it at the bakery and its always been good to us. Dark and bitter, but not sour.
Karen May 5, 2015
hardlikearmour May 5, 2015
I really like the cocoa from Penzey's: https://www.penzeys.com/online-catalog/dutch-process-cocoa-powder/c-24/p-919/pd-s
Droste is also very good.
Karen May 5, 2015
Thank you!
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