How long are frozen walnuts good for?

I froze a bag of walnuts a few months ago and want to use them to make brownies. The recipe calls for them to be toasted. Do you think they're still good? Best way to test?

  • Posted by: x3linda
  • December 1, 2011


x3linda December 1, 2011
Thanks so much! It's holiday baking time!
boulangere December 1, 2011
Well, first of all, good on you for freezing or refrigerating them. The ultimate test is the smell test. Rancid nuts and/or oil have a smell that will pretty much put you of food for a few days. If they don't send you reeling across the room, you're golden. Before you incorporate them into your lovely brownies, be sure to toast them. 350 degrees until they're fragrant. Set a timer for 7 minutes, and add 2-minute increments as needed. They'll be much more flavorful and won't take on the texture of pencil erasers.
Sam1148 December 1, 2011
A few'll be fine. Nuts only go bad when they're stored for months and months in a warm cabinet.
Freezing prolongs the life to a year or so. You should be fine.
just taste taste them for a metallic off taste, rancid flavor.
But, IMHO a few months even in a pantry is fine for walnuts. You should be good.
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