has anyone ice-bathed Alice's Cocoa Brownies?

Some of you may know Alice Medrich's Icebath Brownies (aka Steve Ritual Brownies). Brownies are made using unsweetened chocolate, baked in a metal pan, and the pan is put in a shallow iceboats immediately after removing from the oven. The brownies come out dense and delicious.

Has anyone tried this icebath approach using Alice's recipe for Cocoa Bownies (instead of a recipe using chocolate)?


I have 6 inches of fresh snow on the apartment balcony, and cocoa powder but no chocolate the cupboard. It seems a shame to waste the fresh snow....

  • Posted by: Ted
  • December 8, 2017


Ted December 10, 2017
Fantastic. If you like dense, fudge brownies, do it.

Everyone who's eaten one likes it.
HalfPint December 8, 2017
Why not just put the finished brownies into the freezer? This is what David Lebovitz does for dense and fudgey brownies.
HalfPint December 8, 2017
Oops, re-read your posting. Sure, go ahead and ice them brownies. Let us know how it works out.
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