How can I make fluffier cornbread?

  • Posted by: kimbly
  • January 1, 2011


Verdigris January 1, 2011
This is going to sound ridiculously pedestrian to most who post here, but...if it's a cakelike corbread you are searching for try this.... Get one box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and one box of Jiffy Yellow Cake Mix. Follow the directions for mixing on both boxes. Once batters are created, dump them together. Bake in a buttered 8 inch square pan for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Sweet and cake like fluffy and EASY.
Blissful B. January 1, 2011
Have you considered making a corn spoonbread? It's a cross between a bread & a souffle -- light & fluffy, moist & sweet. I made this recipe tonight & it was incredibly good. But I should warn you: it's a multi-step, time-consuming recipe. I'd cook it again for a special occasion (like New Years), but not every week:
Homemadecornbread January 1, 2011
Here's my foolproof recipe for cornbread - it's very close to the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, except I melt butter right in the skillet til it's light brown, which makes a crisp crust. It comes out just the right every time. This is not a sweet, cakey cornbread but a grainier, richer version. If cakey and fluffly is what you seek, perhaps someone else has a recipe.
chrissyb January 1, 2011
Having fresh baking powder helps a lot. I use self rising flour and it seems better than when I make it with all-purpose.
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