Can I make this cornbread recipe in a bundt pan? It would be lovely presentation but I'm afraid of it sticking - not so lovely.

Link to recipe:

Homa Oscar


Nancy January 18, 2020
Consider parchment paper that has been made soft and moldable by wetting and scrunching it (or reverse order), squeezing out water.
Then usd to line bundt pan.
Spray or brush with oil.
Add batter and bake.
Good luck!
Gammy January 18, 2020
I say do a trial run, greasing and dusting well with cornmeal and making sure it is done in the middle before removing from the pan. Interestingly, I found Lodge makes a cast iron fluted baking pan that looks exacting like a classic Bundt pan: . Although they mention it is only available until Dec.2019, it is still on their website.
Emma L. January 18, 2020
Hi! I've never tried cornbread in a bundt pan—curious to hear if other community members have. That said, I have the same worry as you do, that it would stick to the pan. To ensure the crustiest crust, cast-iron is your best bet.
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