Needing a corn starch replacement being used as not a thickener but for lowering moisture content, any suggestions?

I use corn starch to keep marshmallows dry but I need a replacement, can't be potato either. Help!



trampledbygeese May 26, 2015
For marshmallows, I've tried arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (personal favorite), and ...oh, what's that other starch? Susan's got it, tapioca starch. In a pinch I tried rice flower, and it worked okay. Icing sugar also works, but makes the dish sweeter.
jessicamclement May 26, 2015
i use arrow root (powdered...) when i do homemade cake flour in place of cornstarch and it works very well! it could work here?
Susan W. May 26, 2015
How about tapioca starch?
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