Looking for a unique/romantic restaurant in Boston post-engagement. Ideas?

I'm planning a trip to Boston in late September and I will have just proposed to my girlfriend right before we leave. We are both foodies and would love a unique or romantic dinner spot that might be a little more intimate than just a fine dining restaurant. Would love to have a table for 2 by the kitchen or meeting the head chef or maybe even an awesome cooking class or food tour. Any ideas for awesome food experiences for this special occasion would be appreciated!!

Matt Sloan


Rachel C. May 28, 2015
ten tables!
JulieS May 27, 2015
When I think of romantic as well as outstanding food, I think of Lala Rokh on Mt. Vernon St on Beacon Hill. A family run Persian restaurant tucked away on a beautiful cobblestone street. Just read the legend of Lala Rokh, a romance story by the poet Thomas Moore in 1817 about a a betrothed princess and how her prince woo's her. I have attached the story and the restaurant link here.



I also second the motion for Oleana, especially if you sit outside on the patio. It's ine of the most beautiful outdoor dining spaces in Boston (read "romantic ") and the food is to die for! Don't skip the famous baked Alaska for dessert, it is far from ordinary with coconut ice cream and passion fruit caramel.
ChefJune May 27, 2015
Michele Topor leads marvelous food tours of Boston's historic North End. She's lived there more than 30 years, and knows where the best of everything is. It's a very tasty and informative way to spend a day. www.bostonfoodtours.com
One of the most romantic restaurants in Boston is also in the North End -- Mamma Maria. It's a bit like having dinner in a beautiful private dining room. And if the evening is fair, you may choose to enjoy your dessert out on the balcony.
Braless C. May 27, 2015
For a more interactive experience, I agree that Oleana is a great spot. La Voile is on Newbury has consistently great food and has kind of a sexy and intimate vibe at night, though perhaps thats because all the waiters have French accents. Def. a romantic spot, though its pretty classic French fare: well executed but not necessarily innovative.
healthierkitchen May 27, 2015
I haven't eaten there yet, but when I asked around for a place for an anniversary dinner, several people recommended Ana Sortun's Oleana in Cambridge.
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