Who have the best cake tins?

I was just wondering about the best brand of cake tin to use? There are so many companies who produce cake tins and it’s hard to tell which ones are the best for your cakes and which ones will last.
Could you recommend the best brands?

Emma Kilkeary


sonya August 10, 2015
I really like the Williams Sonoma Goldtouch line; they won several of their equipment tests as the best cake pans, and they work very very well. Great warranty. Great browning on cakes, muffins, and everything that I put in them. Very high quality pans.
boulangere August 10, 2015
I've ordered all of mine from cakedeco.com in New York. Their prices are good and their shipping fast.
boulangere August 10, 2015
I believe the brand is American ware, or something like that. I've bake thousands of cakes and cheesecakes in them, and they're still going strong. Cakedeco.com has every size you could possibly want. The ones I use most are 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 inches round by 3 inches deep.
702551 August 9, 2015
I'm not convinced there is a "best brand" but most pastry chefs buy their equipment from their local restaurant supply store. For sure, they aren't typically buying "enthusiast" grade stuff at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table.

If you are a high falutin' pastry chef in Paris, you might swing by Maison Mora before hitting up other stores.

Anyhow, good luck.
tiffanylee August 9, 2015
Nordic cake pans and their sheet pans are the best !! I've tried many other brands and nothing compares to Nordic for ease of use and they are inexpensive.
PieceOfLayerCake May 29, 2015
I use Chicago metallic and they are durable and heat efficient (but not too much).

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tiffanylee May 29, 2015
Americas test kitchen tested cake pans and their favorite is Nordic Ware 9inch round pans. They have straight sides and are 2 1\4 inches deep,very sturdy and bake evenly. I have tried many cake pans and these are the absolute best pans and so reasonably priced!
Nancy May 29, 2015
do you including baking sheets? If yes, Lockwood for sheet pans & cake tins (very sturdy) and Williams Sonoma for their doubled cookie sheets with an air pocket that evens the heat, prevents burning.
SilverSage May 29, 2015
Parrish Magic-Line.

I've had mine for over 40 years. They are heavy, straight sided, and 2 inches high. No matter how I use them and abuse them, they have never dented or warped. The straight sides allow you to make beautiful layer cakes without that annoying indentation around the sides that has to be filled in with extra frosting. If you make tiered wedding cakes, they are the only way to go.

Everything comes out looking even, just like magazine photos.
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