Pyrex mixing bowl - oven safe?

Is the pyrex mixing bowl oven safe, i.e. for baking a cake? I'm looking to bake a dome-shaped cake: http://www.marthastewart...



magpiebaker May 29, 2015
It should be ok (double check the bottom of the bowl), but be careful where you put the bowl when you take it out of the oven. I've had "oven proof" Pyrex shatter because I accidentally put it down on a counter that was too wet. Would suggest on a metal rack or very dry towel - slow cooling (at least for the first few minutes) is key.
Susan W. May 29, 2015
According to Amazon, it's oven safe, but I would probably call and ask. I've heard stories of explosions. Mine are all stamped "oven safe", but they aren't mixing bowls.
ChefJune May 29, 2015
The bowl should tell you on the bottom whether or not it is ovenproof. All my Pyrex gives that information.
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