Is there a specific name for oven safe bowls?

I have a recipe that requires to bake a soup (because it has bread on top) and the recipe calls for individual bowls that are oven safe. Is there a specific name for these? Where can I buy them?



ChefOno July 4, 2012

No disagreement with Sam except I think the word you're looking for is "ramekin", usually ceramic but sometimes glass bowls with a tolerance for high heat (ovens, broilers, brûlée torches). Any good kitchen store should stock a variety to meet the different requirements of the dishes prepared in them.

The traditional bowl for French onion soup has lion's heads for handles (see photo).


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Sam1148 July 4, 2012
Look at the bottom of the bowl. Most will have a stamp that says 'oven safe'.
Individual 'crocks' for french onion soups are good.
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