Only used a few sprigs of thyme from package. What to do with the rest before the bold gets it?



Kitchen B. January 2, 2011
I've preserved herbs by layering in salt and keeping int he fridge - it worked beautifully with sage. I've also done the freezing thing - it works very well!!!!!!!!!!
bella S. January 2, 2011
We spread the sprigs out on a cookie sheet. When they have dried we break off the leaves and put them into a small tin. The dried thyme leaves are amazingly fragrant.
ichibanbrianne January 2, 2011
I'd simply freezer bag and freeze them. No need to date them. I'd keep them on the stalk so it's easier to get the amount of thyme you want because a little does go a long way. N.B. I do know some legit Italians who freeze basil, so I tried this, and it's great for popping into a red sauce once it's nearly done.
I pulverized my rosemary, thyme and basil at the end of the growing season. Depending on how much there is I divide them up into baggies (labeled and dated with sharpie!!), mix them with a bit of olive oil and then freeze them in a Tupperware type of container for use into the winter. You can get pretty creative, and it's fun to stretch the growing season like that.
Lululovestocook January 2, 2011
I like to tie the herbs in a bunch and hang them in a dark place to dry, then save the dried herbs for future use.
Lululovestocook January 2, 2011
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campagnes January 2, 2011
I've read that layering fresh herbs with salt preserves them in their fresh state. As in, a layer of salt in the bottom of a loaf pan, then a layer of herbs, then cover with salt, then more herbs, etc.. Never tried it, but it sounds like it would work.
Foodelf January 2, 2011
Pop them into a small container of water and keep it alive ... I find that some sprigs actually start putting out roots - then you can plant them. Thyme is actually quite robust and can last quite well in water, ready for your culinary requirements.
JsGirl January 2, 2011
I oven-dry my leftover herbs.
Kizandtango January 2, 2011
When ive got fresh herbs and they might start turning, I blend them into breadcrumbs to use on cauliflower cheese etc, and freeze the breadcrumbs for later use. You get a lovely herby topping that way :-)
lbcashmanRD January 2, 2011
I meant MOLD gets it...(in a rush due to baby waking from nap :)
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