nigel slater's banana cake

How much sugar goes into the cake? In the Genius Recipe book it asks for 1cup, at 235 grams. Is that correct? 235 grams is more like 2 cups of sugar

  • Posted by: Rana
  • June 9, 2015


Kristen M. June 10, 2015
Nigel's banana cake in the Genius Recipes book calls for 1 cup + 1 tablespoon of muscovado sugar, which is similar to dark brown sugar in weight (1 cup packed is 220 grams). In other words, don't worry -- that measurement is correct!
Rana June 16, 2015
Thank you for a definitive answer.
PieceOfLayerCake June 9, 2015
1 cup of sugar is roughly 200 - 225 g.

When recipes are written for weight, I assume that's how it was tested and would recommend following those measurements.
Rana June 9, 2015
Is that plain white sugar? Muscovado sugar, a very dark brown sugar asked for in the recipe, is more dense than white sugar. Could this affect the weight?
PieceOfLayerCake June 9, 2015
I'm not familiar with the recipe, so I assumed "sugar" was granulated. Since muscovado also has a significant molasses content, it absolutely will weigh more than refined sugar. All the more reason to weight the sugar, since one can get wildly differing results with "brown" sugars, especially when its not clear how packed it should be.
Susan W. June 9, 2015
According to two different conversion charts, one cup sugar = 201 grams.
Rana June 9, 2015
Thank you. The muscovado sugar required by the recipe is so dense to begin with that I questioned the measurement.
Susan W. June 9, 2015
You didn't link the recipe, so I assumed it was table sugar. The type of sugar would explain the heavier gram weight. As POLC said, it's always wise to go by how the recipe is written. I use my scale, which switches over to grams easily, all the time. My daughter asked me if I was dealing drugs on the side when the scale showed up at home. Lol
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