Help, I need to make a banana cake filling-- no dairy.

It is my boy's birthday, and he has requested banana filling between the layers of the cake. My instinct is to mash/puree bananas with some lemon juice and a little sugar. However, if you have a yummy recipe or a better idea, I would love to hear about it. My son is allergic to dairy; we use coconut and soy milk as alternatives.

  • Posted by: Randi
  • April 2, 2011


sdebrango April 2, 2011
I should clarify its actually a mock cream cheese frosting that I make but thought it would be a good filling for a banana cake. Good luck! Not sure if you have Earth Balance but if you have not used before its a vegan spread like margerine
sdebrango April 2, 2011
My grand daughter is allergic to dairy. I make a cream cheese filling using plain tofutti, earth balance and powdered sugar. You could add the mashed banana's and I bet it would be yummy
Randi April 2, 2011
Thanks for the ideas! I am going to use the Coco Lopez and will still add a squeeze of lemon to make sure the bananas don't brown
lorigoldsby April 2, 2011
the reason I recommended the coco lopez is because it will give you a thicker end product--the viscosity that normally would be provided by either cream cheese or butter. I would just scoop out the solid part and use the separated liquid only as necessary
testkitchenette April 2, 2011
You could also use straight up coconut milk (put in blender with the banana to make it smooth). You could also try almond milk or cashew milk.
lorigoldsby April 2, 2011
Have you ever used canned coco lopez? You usually find it in the liquor aisle...I think if you combined the coco lopez with the smashed banana and some confectioner's sugar, you would get a nice filling without the dairy.
Randi April 2, 2011
Oh, I'm baking the cake right now and serving it this evening. . .
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