menu for pool day

I will have family in town for the weekend. On Saturday I would like to have a day of relaxing around the pool. I'd thought to make a bean salad or chicken salad ahead of time and have some good bread and cheese and meats. Cookies for dessert. However, this menu is starting to sound really boring to me and I'd like to be inspired by your great ideas. We are in Texas and it will be 95 degrees on Saturday; we will be lounging around the pool children included. I'd like to make most everything on Friday and just pull it from the fridge on Saturday.

Stephanie G


aargersi June 11, 2015
Tis the season! I am in Texas too and we POOL a LOT - right now it's almost mandatory that you have Things With Peaches. You could grill peaches in the morning and then do a peach / basil / buratta / balsamic tray. And a peach tart. And a bowl of peaches and sliced peaches in champagne. Marinated veggies are pretty, delicious and durable . We typically will set out "fixin's" and then grill stuff - fajitas, or good ole hot dogs and hamburgers, Elgin sausage for wraps, or this chicken which is great grilled, thighs or breasts, hot or cold: (though you would be grilling for half an hour or so with fajitas or hot dogs) or a bunch of grilled salt and vinegar chicken legs that you could cook and chill and serve.

We lay out the food inside and have people carry it out on paper plates ... put a "close the door - FLIES" sign up because for some reason standing IN the doorway, hind end in and front end out talking seems to be a THING with our family. Ice chests out by the pool with beer, wine, water and kiddie beverages so people don't have to go in and out for drinks.
Other things I make:
pickled shrimp
lots of guacamole made with lots of lime
pickled corn chowchow which is good on Many Things
do you have an HEB? Grab the Poteet Strawberry ice cream - ot's made with mesquite honey, so good!

Still thinking ....
Julie June 11, 2015
Your best bet is to do quick and easy recipes, so finger food. You could get fruit trays,cheesesticks,salads,anything that is quick and easy.
Hollie D. June 11, 2015
THIS I've been obsessed.

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Meaghan F. June 11, 2015
How about making homemade chipwiches with the cookies instead of serving them plain? Still casual, but a little more festive.
Stephanie G. June 11, 2015
Thank for the gazpacho recipe. I would have never thought to go in that direction. I'm very excited to try that recipe!
Exbruxelles June 11, 2015
Isn't it some sort of law in Texas that you grill by the pool? Anyway, that's what I'd do. Almost everyone likes steak. I also like gazpacho on a hot day and it actually improves with a little time. This is a good one:
Stephanie G. June 11, 2015
Thank you. The flavored water idea is great. The food will be inside and kept chilled until serving.
Nancy June 11, 2015
I like your menu.
A couple side notes given the expected heat:
1) serve lots of cut up fruit (for liquids) instead of or in addition to the cookies
2) serve dilute fruit juice, or a flavored water (add herbs, lemon slices, cucumber slices or the like)
3) don't include mayo in the bean or chicken salad if you're leaving them out for hours. either keep chilled until just before serving, or use an oil-based vinaigrette.
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