I have meatballs and chicken breast fillets what can I make with this?? For 2 people! Thanks!



bella S. January 2, 2011
O.K. Sorry about this. What is happening is that everything in the address after "edu", is not appearing correctly for you to click on. It does work if you cut and paste all the way through "recipe.html" .


bella S. January 2, 2011
Ahhhh, I just tried the link I posted and it did not work. Well, it worked, but it did not take me to the correct site. Let me try again. http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/recipe.html
bella S. January 2, 2011
You brought back a memory from when I was a little girl. My mother used to make chicken fricassee. It had chicken and meatballs in it. It seemed like an odd dish to me at the time. I have no idea how she made it. I never asked, because the only thing I liked to eat from it were the meatballs. I think that I will research that sometime myself. However... there are a few sites where you can type in the ingredients you want to use, and they give you recipes that use those ingredients. This is the one I use the most. http://theory.stanford.edu/~amitp/recipe.html It is called a Google Recipe Search but states firmly that it is not connected with Google. They just use Google to find the recipes. It is actually connected with Stanford. It is fun to use when you have odds and ends of ingredients and want to use them up. The folks who compete in Chopped on the Food Network would be able to make good use of this site with some of the oddball ingredients that are in their baskets.
Loves F. January 2, 2011
You could make chicken parmesan, and top it with a marinara sauce that has the broken up meatballs in it!
aargersi January 2, 2011
Do you want to use both in the same meal? Whenever I have hodge-podge ingredients I tend to throw them in a pot of pasta with tomato sauce ...

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